Fishtalk instructor and family on jetty 3There were early signs under the water this Summer that it is going to be an extra special season, big shoals of Tuna arrived off shore much earlier than normal and close on their heels were the ever hungry Dolphins. Mantas were seen unusually early on our house reef and Hammer Head Sharks have been seen in April on Jackson Reef, this has not happened for several years!
So we are now sure that this bumper start to our summer will only get better and we are all excited to see what incredible surprises Mother Nature will provide this special season. The sea temperature is steadily climbing up and is already a balmy 25c / 27c depending on where you dive or snorkel.
To help you explore the underwater wonderland we are now providing DPV’s (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) or under water scooters as some call them. These are powerful yet easy to control and safe, battery powered, torpedo shaped units that clip onto your BCD and speed you along the reef letting you effortlessly cover much greater distances.
Our instructors can teach you to be certified DPV rated in just one with a simple course allowing you to use DPV’s where ever you travel, or you can just jump straight into the water with a maximum of two guests to one guide ratio to see if you enjoy the DPV experience.
Using DPV’s is safe, easy and above all great fun, not only do they let you cover much greater distance and experience much more, they also eliminate the problems of facing head currents that are experienced on the reefs.
DPV’s are also used for snorkeling, allowing you to literally fly effortlessly over the surface for miles. Just by wearing a simple light weight harness for the DPV to clip onto allows the unit to pull you bodily through the water with no strain on your arms.
Please feel free to contact us for any information on these and our other activities; we look forward to seeing you soon at Sinai Blues, your gateway to the Red Sea wonders

For booking, please call the Dive Centre at Tel: +20693621145 or email

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