Red Sea2This spring season, Sinai Blues Diving Centre will be constructing coral growing platforms and frames to help rejuvenate areas of house reef coral that are in decline and help populate some barren sandy areas with young fresh corals. Not only will this be very good and positive for the environment, it will also be hands on and something our guests can be very much involved in, from very young kids all the way up to experienced divers, as there are many different areas requiring no skill up to areas that require lots of experience.

Get your own coral growing!

We aim to get guests physically involved in this awesome and fun environmental project, where they will be able to learn basic coral farming and actually help construct their own personal coral frame to grow on our house reef. We then aim to send our guests quarterly photos of their own coral frames, so they can see the progress from home, as well as seeing for themselves upon their return and even help advance it further on.

snorkelling21A brief description of how it will work. Metal frames in the shape of a honey cone will be constructed locally. These will be placed in empty or damaged areas of our house reef. Any broken coral fragments found on the house reef that are still alive will be collected and stored safely. Then taken and attached to these frames where they will grow in ideal conditions. Eventually the corals will grow so big to completely cover the frames and survive and flourish by themselves. Once these corals have grown significantly they can also be harvested and transferred on to new frames.

Who can participate?

Kids from a very young age can help clean and attach corals to parts of the frames on dry land under the supervision of our guides and instructors. Junior divers upwards can help install them underwater, they will also need regular cleaning once installed. Guests of all ages; from snorkelers to divers will be able to go out with an instructor and carefully look for and collect any broken coral fragments on the house reef to use in the farm. Not only will this be a great project to get involved in and great for the environment, it will also be an added attraction on our house reef to divers and snorkelers of all ages and levels.

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